The company «Discount Provider of USA Inc.» has acquired another portfolio of rights for new promising technologies.

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The company “Discount Provider of USA Inc.” has acquired another portfolio of rights for new promising technologies developed by Russian scientists. The total amount of the acquisition is over $350 million.

Today, these unique state-of-the-art tehhnologies are the most advanced in the world. We have acquired the rights from Russian scientists for a technology for ecologically clean petroleum refining, and a technology of production of high strength concrete. In addition to clean production, these technologies are cavitation-based.

Along with the rights, we have acquired engineering drawings and designs of cavitators for processing of petroleum-based products and concrete mixes.
This will facilitate the processing and significantly reducing the processing time.

The company “Discount Provider of USA, Inc.” has started realization of the acquired rights. A number of partner companies have expressed their interest in acquiring these technologies and employing them at the petroleum refining plants and enterprises specializing in the construction of high strength structures.