Why do you need the Discount Provider

According to the legislations of economically developed countries, intellectual property is defined as the exclusive right of a citizen or legal person to the results of their intellectual activity and the attributed means for individualization to the legal person, production, and performable work and services.

Intellectual property is conditionally subdivided into «industrial property» and «copyright». Industrial property is understood as the exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity confirmed with patents and certificates in the country of their action.

Exclusive rights grant the chance for owners to use the object themselves, to transfer the rights of use to another and to forbid other persons from using the object without the permission in the country of action, patent and certification. Exclusive right infringement is defined as an unsanctioned preparation, use, import, storage, offers to sell, sale and any other introduction of patent protected, individualized items into civil turnover.

World experience convincingly testifies to the high effectiveness of the use of Objects of Industrial Property (OIP) as a tool for deciding organizational, financial, commercial and technological problems of enterprises.

Currently, more than half of all, basically the newest industrial output it is made under international license agreements, and the exchange of scientific and technical achievements between industrially developed countries, resulting in the acceptance of the global climate. International trade of licenses began to have defining influence not only on the level and quality of newly developed and applied techniques and technologies in the world’s countries, but also on their rates of scientific and technical progress, and also on all foreign trade operations in any way related to the newest technology. In other words, the international trade of licenses began to predetermine foreign trade in the countries of the world. In economically developed countries, a considerable share of all payments between subjects is made according to their rights.

The party responsible for the manufacture and successful realization of production should care not only of its quality, but also for patent protection. Developing a reliable patent, or better, a portfolio of patents, as well as their subsequent involvement in a public introduction is an extremely difficult business, demanding considerable financial and time expenses with the attraction of the qualified experts.

For subjects of the market, the company Discount Provider, relies on its own resources and legal rights, offering the following kinds of the basic services in the creation and effective introduction of Objects of Industrial Property (OIP) into civil turnover.

Owners of the rights to Objects of Industrial Property (OIP), interested in using the resources of Discount Provider for the purpose of factual realization of their rights, can sell or otherwise transfer a share of these rights. The company Discount Provider will represent itself as the claimant in all legal proceedings (including lawsuits) in case of infringement of these rights by third parties. The company Discount Provider will promote the observance of copyrights of authors, whom are not owners of Objects of Industrial Property (OIP) and in present conditions have no guaranteed access to the information on the volume of license contracts concluded by owner of the Objects of Industrial Property (OIP) , whose authors they were. The company Discount Provider can act on a contractual basis as the representative of the interests of authors, whose rights are restrained or can be restrained towards being kept in the dark on the actual volume of their invention’s use by the owner of the rights to the given invention.

The company Discount Provider will promote on a mutually advantageous basis, to enterprises, when factually, the invention is already introduced into manufacture, but is not protected by security documents. The company Discount Provider will aide enterprises in the creation of such financial strategy, which will allow it to compete more successfully in the commodity market or the market for services, which using resources available to the company Discount Provider or the enterprise of the Objects of Industrial Property (OIP).

Additionally, the company Discount Provider offers the following services:

  1. The analysis of an available portfolio of security documents on the protection of the enterprise from possible competitors and recommendations on improvements to security documents or on strengthening the protection of held Objects of Industrial Property (OIP).
  2. The creation of the security documents, allowing for the protection technological process (and/or) a manufactured end-product when the enterprises strategic targets coincide with the company Discount Provider’s strategic targets.
  3. Development and presentation of a plan to increase the economic efficiency of work for the enterprise, by using the advanced methods of introducing Objects of Industrial Property (OIP) into civil turnover.

Problems we solve

We managed to develop and implement (in practice) the following ways of patenting which allow:

  • counteraction to the dumping policies of competitors, in particular importers, by establishing royalties for the importable manufactured goods containing Objects of Industrial Property (OIP), the rights to which belong to the company Discount Provider;
  • to promote the creation of favorable conditions for strengthening the positions of the enterprises/partners in the market by means of creating Objects of Industrial Property (OIP) on request from these enterprises, when in fact, the applied technological process or manufactured end-product shows signs of the invention, but the security documents for the OIP’s use have not been obtained.

This being the case, findable signs, with the help of experts from the company, will be found practically in all forms of production.

Our resources and our plans

The company (Discount Provider) has accumulated the rights to various inventions, patents and certificates for useful models under whose application, a considerable volume of the goods, products and the equipment fall into. Presently, under the management of the company Discount Provider, a significant amount of security documents are available, at various stages of development and registration.

The company Discount Provider successfully realizes a portion of its rights, still in the stage of registration and protected in regards to know-how, offering them to interested structures in the territories of various governments, and as a result, delegates considerable means, allowing for the financing of the implementation of those inventions, the rights to which the company owns.

However, the rates at which monetary resources flow due to the realization of a portion of the rights does not completely correspond to the strategic plans of the company, and in connection to this, it plans to enter the market in 2010 with an estimated $16,000,000,000, which by the estimations of experts is essentially less than real cost of activities of the company, but is enough for solving of its strategic problems.


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