About Us

The company operates with the goal of extracting profit by means of implementing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and the most up-to-date methods of protecting intellectual property.


Discount Provider Of USA, INC. was registered by N.Y.S. Department of State on November, 9, 2007, FILM # 070911000722.

Objectives of activity of the Company

The primary objectives of the Company activities are:

  • Acquisition of the rights to prospective inventions in the fields of power, power savings, eco-friendly technologies for refining petroleum, and identifying production methods which would promote the struggle against counterfeit production, etc.
  • Realizing the manufacture of technologies and devices, the rights to which the company has.
  • Development of applications for the patents, allowing our clients to reliably protect the interests of the legal owner and to confidently enter the market for investments, without being afraid of possibility of unapproved use of the protected inventions by the third parties.
  • Granting licenses for the use of the Company’s intellectual property.
  • Financing innovative projects at our expense, and that of interested parties, and participation in the realization of such projects.


The president – Boris Nikitin


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