High strength concrete

With the advancement of methods of building high-rise buildings and heavy duty load bearing structures, the demand for high strength concrete is getting stronger every year. High strength concretes used in such applications make it possible to utilize more flexible frame structures, decrease the required quantity of concrete, and significantly reduce frame weight, thus increasing market competitiveness of reinforced concrete compared to other construction materials and expanding the range of its applications and environments, as well as reducing the risks of structural failure due to structural deficiencies.

Y.V. Chechel, a Russian scientist, has authored the invention “High Strength Concrete” (Application No. 2012111968, with a priority from 03/28/2012, submitted to the Federal enforcement authority on intellectual property of the Russian Federation).
and the invention “Method of production of high strength concrete mixture” (Application No. 2012113354, with a priority from 03/28/2012, submitted to the Federal enforcement authority on intellectual property of the Russian Federation). These inventions serve the construction materials industry, specifically, production of concretes, and may be employed in building various structures, including special purpose structures.

The inventions aim to improve the performance properties of concrete, the primary technical result being the preservation of flowability of concrete mix at all stages of hardening, enhanced durability and improved remolding effort.

This technology has been tested industrially and through experiences in different environments and under different field conditions, and has been proven to be highly efficient and have a wide range of applications. This unique technology has a potential to open up new horizons in the industry.

This method of high strength concrete production can be successfully employed at any cement plant.

The performance characteristics of high strength concrete provide many advantages to the consumer compared to traditional technologies. The use of high strength concretes produced under the patented technology has several important economic benefits to the consumer – lower construction costs, lower concrete costs, and reduced construction time.

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